You are viewing one of our NORMAL GRADE stepping stone molds.


Each mold is capable of creating dozens to hundreds of stepping stones.


Our molds can be used to form standard cement, concrete, plaster of paris, epoxy or any other forming resin or compound.


All molds have a 7 degree sidewall taper which allows the finished stone to release easily from the mold.


This relief also provides a border between adjacent stones for grouting or sanding the stones to lock them into place.


Combine designs to form patterned pathways, sidewalks, garden paths, picnic areas and patio areas that you will be proud to use and show.


Each of our molds comes with complete instructions which will guide you through the process of making perfect stepping stones the first time you use them.


If you are planning a large project or would like to purchase our molds in multiple quantities, email us for quantity pricing and combined shipping rates. Include your address for the most accurate shipping quotes.


Our designs are sized to optimize strength yet enable anyone to be able to work easily with the finished stones.

Stepping Stone Molds (Hexagon-Pyramids)

This is one of our normal grade stepping stone molds. They are precision formed from 0.090 high impact ABS plastic.


 1 mold is $29.95 +  $19.95 S&H (USA only)  2 molds are $58.95 +  $19.95 S&H (USA only)  4 molds are $99.95 +  $24.95 S&H (USA only)  8 molds are $195.95 +  $29.95 S&H (USA only)


Size: 2-1/4” depth x 11” edge to edge x 12-5/8” point-to-point

Name: Hexagon - Pyramids

Catalog Number: MOLDS008

Stepping Stone Molds 008 - Hexagon - PyramidsStepping Stone Molds 008 - Hexagon - Pyramids


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