Stepping Stone
Mold Projects

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Project examples

If you have made a stepping stone path, patio, driveway or some other fun project with our molds, we would love to see it!

And if you give us permission, we'd love to share your pictures here, too.

Just send us an email. We'd be tickled pink to see your work!


This project was made using 4 different stepping stone molds:

  1. Mediterranean Plain Mold (#MOLD 019)
  2. Mediterranean Fleur-de-lis Mold (#MOLD022) alternating every other stone,
  3. Mediterranean Edge Mold (#MOLD020), and
  4. Mediterranean Edge Mold (#MOLD021).

Example garage apron


This project was made using our DOGBONE HOURGLASS Stepping Stone Mold (#MOLD011).

Example garden path


This project was made with:

  1. Rings Square Mold (#MOLD 001) and
  2. Fleur-de-lis Square Mold (#MOLD002).

Example stepping stone area


This project was made with the Bass, Anchors, and Propellor Hexagon Mold (#MOLD009).

These three pictures show the progression of the walkway project undertaken by a lady in the Florida keys. Very nice job, PennyAnn!

Walkway project—Phase 1 Walkway project—Phase 2 Walkway project—Phase 3